Walt Disney World - Desserts & Pastries

Hello again! Just wanted to show you all the delicious desserts and baked goods I've been eating these past 2 weeks, here in Orlando. Quite a lot, I know, but on vacation you shouldn't feel guilty right? I'm surprised by the quality of food in an amusement park. Much better than I expected. Also the quantity is a lot larger than I'm used to. But anyway, here are my pictures:

Oreo Brownie. Usually, I'm not too fond of brownies, but this one was made out of milk chocolate and I loved it!

Chocolate Croissant and a Napoleon.

Pithivier, a delicious French pastry.

Eclair, with cream filling.

A gigantic Banana Split. And I do mean gigantic! It took two of us to eat it, and it was my lunch AND dinner!

Apple Danish and an Apple Turnover.

Mickey Cookie.

Vanilla Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting.

Mickey-shaped Waffle! Very good!

Pastries at the counter.

Cupcakes and desserts.

Baklava. It was my first time eating Baklava, I like it very much. It's very sweet.

And if you're wondering if Minnie Mouse bakes from scratch or prefers to use a cake-mix, I've got the answer right here for you: Cake Mix! Oh the horror! :P


sweetie said…
are you using your macro lens bc those desserts are cartoon sized! ; p

hope you have a great vacay!
apparentlyjessy said…
Overload of YUM! I wanna go on vacation with you, eat all over America! I love the Mickey waffles the most!
Anonymous said…
Yum, yum, yum! I want it all :P - especially that sundae. Delicious!
My boyfriend and I were both discussing that we went to Disney World too early in our lives to really appreciate it. Sure it's marketed for kids, but now that we're grown up, we really wanna go back for the FOOD! ;D
Unknown said…
I miss Disney so bad! I could just live there.

Did you eat those apples covered in chocolate and rainbow rice? mmmm.....
Paris Pastry said…
I didn't, are those good? An apple seemed too 'healthy' for me at the time haha!

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