Hi there! For the last few weeks, as you may have noticed, I haven't done a poll, but I'll be home soon so I can get back on with my baking! I'll probably have no internet access this week so I will put up a poll now and announce the winner in a week and a half.

My 3 picks are all from my new book 'Paris Sweets' by Dorie Greenspan. All 3 of them are adapted from various Parisian bakeries. One of them is even from Ladurée. I will not tell you which one, because that might influence your choice ;)


apparentlyjessy said…
Hope you have a safe trip home! All three tarts sound delicious, it was hard to choose!
Unknown said…
I can't believe it didn't win! I hate bananas but love strawberries. I don't know how you stick to your poll, I change my mind all the time about what to bake next.

I say Bake it! I still have some pastry left over in the freezer, I'm going to look through your recipes for a yummy filling. x

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