Rose Syrup

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you my newest addition to my food cabinet: Rose Syrup. Rose as in the flower, not the color.

I first became acquainted with the taste of roses in Paris, when I tried out the Religieuse à la Rose at Ladurée. A pastry so good, it makes you feel a little ‘religious’.

After that, I had to try out Pierre Hermé’s Rose Macaron, which was absolutely heavenly!

I bought this syrup at a store called ‘Oil & Vinegar’ for € 6,95 ($10). It’s only 20 centilitres (6.7 oz), quite small and expensive, I know, but I’ve been dying to find something rose-flavoured for months! So I was just filled with joy when I say this bottle standing in the racks.

They also had Rose Petal Jam for € 3,95, but after researching for a bit, I found out that Rose Syrup is more common to use in recipes and I don’t even want to say how many types of jam I own!

I'm thinking of baking a Rose Tart, or Rose Cupcakes or try another shot at making Macarons. What do you think?

Here are some pictures of Parisian Pastries that are made with Rose Syrup. Enjoy!

A very large Ispahan, Pierre Hermé's most famous creation. Photo by yuichi.sakurab

A normal-sized Ispahan. Photo by yuichi.sakurab

Rose-flavored marshmallows from Ladurée. Photo by Sifu Renka

The magnificent St. Honoré à la Rose from Ladurée. Photo by aloha_pineapple

A special Christmas treat, Bûche de Noël Framboise Petals Rose from Ladurée. Photo by yuichi.sakurab


The only rose flavored treat I've ever tasted was a piece of Turkish Delight while I was in Greece. It tasted like soap! I'll have to try it again in some other dessert because the Turkish candy was not tasty! Lol ;D
apparentlyjessy said…
Same here, only tried Turkish Delight, but I would love to try different rose flavoured desserts, all the pictures on this post look so exquisite and appetising!
Anonymous said…
You should pour a little rose syrup in a glass of milk! Its absolutely fantastic!! I'm Addicted to Rose milk!
Paris Pastry said…
Thanks for the tip anonymous! I will try that out today!
cake2cake said…
Oh this all looks heavenly!!!!
Chrissy L. said…
Your gastronomic travels and the floral foods sound so amazing! I feel like I traveled and ate with you!! I didn't know if you'd heard of a U.S. company called "Woodland Fairy Acres" ( They sell marshmallow mixes and scone mixes in floral flavors. Their products are absolutely wonderful and since you enjoy floral foods, I thought you might get a kick out of them!
Do you know of a shop in Paris that sells, what appears to be, only rose products.. syrups, jams, etc. I took a photo of the storefront the last time we were in Paris but I have since forgotten where it is. If my memory is correct, it is somewhere near the Champs.
xx, B

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