Pierre Hermé - Rue Cambon

Of course, being in Paris and all, I had to got to a Pierre Hermé bakery, as he is one of my idolized bakers. He has 3 bakeries in Paris, I went to the one that residents on rue Cambon, which is a chocolate & macarons-only bakery. I went to the Louvre that day and this bakery was only a couple of streets away.

I ordered 4 mini macarons; chocolate, caramel, rose and blackcurrant (cassis).
I have to say, the prices of Pierre Hermé are staggering; 4 mini macarons for 6,64 euros!

The original Chanel boutique, where Coco Chanel started her business, is also in this street.

The Pierre Hermé sign! It opened at 10 am, but I was already there at 9.30 so I wandered the (beautiful) streets for a little bit.

The window display when the bakery is still closed. Yes, that's me in the window reflection.

The gorgeous macarons.

Blackcurrant macaron. I ate this, sitting at a fountain at the Tuileries Gardens. Ah, the Parisian life!

Rose macaron. Tasted like a real rose (as in the flower). They use real rose pedals to make this! This one was my favorite of the 4.

Chocolate macaron.

I ate the caramel macaron for breakfast.

Yes, I even took a picture of the bag that it came in. Nerd-alert!

The interior of the bakery.

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