Ladurée - Avenue des Champs-Élysées


I was mostly excited to be eating at Ladurée in Paris. My high expectations and Ladurée's reputation were met, as it was a wonderful experience.

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw sat at Cador Patisserie in Paris eating gorgeous pastries (the last episode of Sex and the City), I wanted to eat at that same patisserie. But my dreams were crushed as I found out that Cador Patisserie no longer existed.

When I saw the movie 'Marie Antoinette', I began searching online and found the patisserie that made the macarons for the movie: Ladurée.

I made reservations online and everything worked out perfectly. The service was friendly and quick (although at the counter the lines can be long), and the surroundings incredibly beautiful, as well as the pastries.

Here's what I had:
- Marie Antoinette Tea - €6,80
- Religieuse à la Rose - €6,80
- Millefeuille Confiture de Fruits Rouges - €6,30
- Macaron Pommes Caramel - €6,80
- Mini Vanilla Macaron - €2,00
- Mini Raspberry Macaron - €2,00

The exterior of Ladurée on Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Ladurée - Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Les Viennoiseries. French for 'Viennese specialties', are baked goods made in a manner similar to bread, but with ingredients (eggs, butter, milk, cream, sugar) giving them a denser, semi-sweet quality, closer to pastry.


Ladurées chocolates and champagne.


A man standing next to me also was taking pictures, but was told to stop, so sadly I couldn't make anymore pictures. However, I found a picture on Flickr from user Purple Cloud who managed to get a great photo.

When the waiter went away, I secretly grabbed my camera and took a photo of the Religieuse à la Rose. It was so delicious! Cream puff pastry, rose petal cream and fresh raspberries.


The Millefeuille Confiture de Fruits Rouges, photo by Flickr user Roboppy. Caramelized puff pastry, light vanilla cream, red fruit jam and whipped cream.

The Macaron Pommes Caramel, photo by A Life Worth Eating. The caramel made it sooo rich! Smooth macaroon biscuit, caramel cream, Jonnagored roasted apples, caramel with salt flower.

Some photos of Ladurées interior.


Anonymous said…
Awsome... I have to try it on september :-)
I love Laduree and have written about it on my blog as well !!! This is a girly-girl's place! I miss Paris and all the pastries. Sigh.
Laume said…
We went several times to the Laduree on rue Royale and I asked if they minded if I snapped photos and they said "go ahead". I didn't try to take pics of the display case though, just the room, our food, and the window displays.
Anonymous said…
does anyone have the recipe for the Religieuse à la Rose?
Paris Pastry said…
@anonymous: Laduree recently published a cookbook, the recipe might be in there. The cookbook is in French though. It will probably take a while before it's published in English.
Shweta said…
This was my first visit to laduree at champ elysees. I am writing this as a warning to whoever wants to go and dine at this dirty cafe. Here is what happened with me today. We went to laduree where we were given a small table close to the gate inspite of so many tables being available inside the restaurant. We sat and started looking at the menu. In 2 minutes a waitress came to warn me that i must take care of my shopping bags because there have been cases of pickpockets. Suddenly i checked on my handbag that i kept under thr table that was gone. all my money with my passport and credit cards and ids are gone. How is it possible that someone could come inside the restaurant and steal my bag in 2 minutes of my entering the restaurant.
The surprising thing is the waitress came to warn me. If pickpockets are so common why is it that laduree which is such a big name doesnt have a security outside their gate? Why dont they have a warning outside that tells people to take care of their stuff. Above all there was just one camera and when we askes them to chexk the camera they did not let us. Because they themselves are thieves.
I request noone to ever go to this restaurant if they dont want their stuff stolen.
Anonymous said…
Beware, Laduree is a hunting place for pickpockets.

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