Disneyland Resort Paris

I went to Disneyland Resort Paris last Tursday and I photographed the pastries and baked goods they had for sale there. Here are some of my pictures:

Market House Deli - Main Street USA

Brioches filled with Nutella, cookies and muffins.

Beignets, donuts, brownies, chocolate layer cakes, cheesecakes, tarte tartins and pecan pies.

The chocolate layer cake (called 'Mum Cake') looked so good! I couldn't wait to try one...

... And so I tried one! It was pretty good, but it had sooo much chocolate icing and barely any chocolate cake.

Cable Car Bake Shop - Main Street USA

The pastries and baked goods behind the counter. They had cookies, Belgian waffles, vermicelles, fudge, marzipan and a lot more!

Guimauvre Chocolate Vermicelles.

Candy Cake.

Colored chocolate chip Mickey-shaped cookies.

Vanilla Fudge. Sooooooo sugary.

If you're interested to see my vacation photos, go to my Flickr webpage DolceDanielle. I upload a couple of pictures every day. You guys had a sneak preview, because most of these photos aren't on there yet!


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